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Foreclosure cleanout
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Need to clean debris left on a property ?

While it can also apply to vacant or abandoned properties, foreclosure cleanout services are typically necessary after a property has gone into insolvency. Townhomes and single-family homes are not the only buildings that can receive this service. A foreclosure cleanout can benefit any property or unit, including condos, apartments, and commercial buildings.

ALBA FIELD SERVICES helps you save time and stress by removing old furniture, appliances, junk, and other debris left on a foreclosed property in no time.

Dislodge owners/tenants usually leave the property in poor condition, leaving you with mountains of trash to clean up. Our foreclosure cleanout professional can give you the necessary care to increase your property value and get your return investment 

Trust our professionals, and you’ll be amazed by the efficiency and quality of our service once we complete the task.

Call us for guaranteed satisfaction today!

Our foreclosure cleanouts service includes the following:

  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses and other upholstery
  • Trash
  • Yard waste
  • Construction waste
  • Any other debris


“He was fast, efficient, clean ! Within an hour things were gone !!”

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